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Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
12:56 am
My first public entry in weeks and I've already been tagged by some shit.


It sounds familier. Have we already messed with these guys?
Friday, April 15th, 2005
3:22 am
EBSW0820 - e (ebsw0820e) replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:

so now you're a gay furry nazi goth poet that nobody likes? that's pretty cool.

Their reply was:

Are you stupid?...what the fuck is a "goth."

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am i screened or deleted? i cannot tell.

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Saturday, January 8th, 2005
10:05 pm
this troll still seems to be catching fishes.
Friday, December 10th, 2004
12:15 am
i knew this would eventually pay off.
Monday, December 6th, 2004
5:44 am
Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
10:21 am
Saturday, September 18th, 2004
12:02 pm
they must really hate me
i was momentarily unbanned from mohawked people and then re-banned after a single comment.
Monday, September 6th, 2004
7:38 pm
they accepted dan to theawesomest, so i demanded to be accepted also. now i can vote, so that might be funny.
Sunday, August 29th, 2004
9:39 pm
feel free to vote for me even if you're not a member of the community!
Friday, August 20th, 2004
7:42 pm
Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
6:38 am
Monday, August 16th, 2004
12:01 pm
i can't figure out how to reply to this as a fag hating god loving misogynist because it's just too unintelligable. i am stumped.
9:04 am
if being banned was the ultimate goal, consider me a success!
Saturday, August 14th, 2004
8:26 am
it's a joke community to attract knobs
it worked i guess.

CRiMs0nTeArZ666 (10:24:36 AM): o yes I'm so unaware that I won't get the last word and o cursing is a one way ticket to hell but look at ur bio u hypocritical bitch
Make Puddin (10:25:00 AM): you're obviously insane, good day
CRiMs0nTeArZ666 (10:25:48 AM): w/e i really dont care i have read ur journal and ur comments and u r the insane one
6:49 am
Friday, August 13th, 2004
9:53 am
JimAnthrax42 (9:36:05 AM): i thought i'd make this a bit more personal, IM to IM
Make Puddin (9:36:48 AM): eh, it's funnier on livejournal
JimAnthrax42 (9:37:25 AM): yeah, but this ain't about funny, this is about you talking shit when you don't know shit.
Make Puddin (9:37:35 AM): yeah, it is about funny
Make Puddin (9:37:40 AM): and don't get tough with me
JimAnthrax42 (9:38:04 AM): i'm not getting tough
JimAnthrax42 (9:40:18 AM): there may be a million street punk bands out there, but why should i care? i'm not gonna change for anyone, including punks. it's just who i am. i'm not gonna be affected by what's already been done, why change for anybody?
Make Puddin (9:41:24 AM): because you're just a copy of something else.
JimAnthrax42 (9:42:02 AM): no, we're completely original, we make all of our own shit, so what if others already did? i don't care about the others, i care about what i have to say.
Make Puddin (9:43:15 AM): i hardly believe that you thought one day "i'll decorate myself with studs and a mohawk and write about the man" without seeing anyone else do it.
Make Puddin (9:43:33 AM): so you aren't completely original, you're heavily influence, you can tell by the lyrics without even hearing the music.
JimAnthrax42 (9:43:42 AM): studs maybe, the rest, you are wrong.
JimAnthrax42 (9:46:02 AM): see, the mohawk has nothing to do with punk, it's just who i am as a person, punk or no. hating the government is something that i've done since before i even liked any music at all. i've seen the injustices of the american government since i was an infant, i don't need punk rock to give me those ideas
Make Puddin (9:46:34 AM): i'm sure when you were 5 you were playing with your anarcho-blocks and wearing all black.
JimAnthrax42 (9:48:08 AM): actually when i was five until i was.... what 9? i had three different sweat suits that i wore for those 4 years, wearing one at a time for a month straight because my mom couldn't afford any better, even though she worked 2 jobs, don't fuck with me man, you don't know hardship.
Make Puddin (9:49:41 AM): i'm not interested in your life story, but you can bet you're not the only poor person in the world, and you're not unique for it. how that's the government's fault i don't see, though.
JimAnthrax42 (9:51:33 AM): when a person can work there ass off 7 days a week on two different jobs and still not have enough to clothe their children, but a movie star can film a shitty movie and play off of the ignorance that the american government forces onto them and make millions of dollars, that shit aint right. it's entirely the governments fault.
Make Puddin (9:52:57 AM): okay, well, it's pretty obvious that you're an idiot and you hate the government for all the wrong reasons. congratulations.
9:42 am
Thursday, August 12th, 2004
9:42 pm
Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
11:11 pm
a good place to start off. _kiss_or_diss_
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